Cast of Characters


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Haxford, England.


June, 1910.

Cora Gromley:

Mortimer Gromley’s wife.


The Gromleys’ cook and housekeeper.

Jonathan Bentine:

A young man from the town of Avens seeking

to confirm a secret from his past.

Mortimer Gromley:

A wealthy, retired linen merchant.

Pignon Scorbion:

The chief police inspector of Haxford. A friend of Dr. John Watson

and an extraordinary detective.

Thomas Worth:

An uneducated shoeshine man in Brown’s barbershop in his mid-twenties. The Gromley’s nephew.

Calvin Brown:

Owner of Brown’s Barbershop. A paunchy, long-time friend of Scorbion.


A large, red-haired barber in Calvin’s shop who has a long,

plush crimson beard and stutters.


A French transplant barber in Brown’s shop, whose lack of

height requires that he stands on a crate when he cuts hair.

Billy Arthurson:

In his early-twenties, the presses-mechanic and reporter for the Haxford Morning News newspaper.

Hubert Waters:

The editor and publisher of the Haxford Morning News.

Chief Inspector Benson:

Scorbion’s, now retired, predecessor police chief in Haxford.

William Bentine:

Jonathan Bentine’s purported father.

Mary Alice Bentine:

Jonathan Bentine’s mother who sang at the Grey Hawk Tavern in Avens.


The owner of the Grey Hawk Tavern.

Dr. Mayes:

A physician in Avens who treated Mortimer Gromley.

Choc Ross:

An attractive neophyte linen merchant.

Robert Garson:

A very handsome linen merchant.


Cora Gromley’s sister.

Katherine Walls:

Scorbion’s ex-wife.

Abigail Speckler:

Co-owner of Simon & Abigail Speckler’s Private Detective Agency.

Mildred Brown:

Calvin Brown’s wife.

Simon Adley:

The sergeant who is Scorbion’s second in command.

Roger Pawling:

A lower level constable on Scorbion’s staff.

Natacha Papouloute:

Pignon Scorbion’s mother.

Jamal Scorbion:

Pignon Scorbion’s father.

Arnold Hill:

Scorbion’s friend and chess opponent.

Henry Hopkins:

Owner and ringmaster of the Hopkins Travelling Circus.

Freddy Rumple:

A short, misfit loner and would-be circus star.

Emily Collins:

A box office worker at the Hopkins circus. Small of stature and feminine.

Reggie Watkins:

A strapping, 7 foot tall, not-overly-bright, roustabout in the Hopkins circus.

Percy Harvey:

A short stilt-walker in the Hopkins circus.

Mary Collins:

Emily’s deceased sister.

Jed Pierce:

A roustabout in the Hopkins circus.

Teddy Farner:

A roustabout in the Hopkins circus.

Shelby Winston:

A roustabout in the Hopkins circus.


Haxford’s town drunk.

Victor Hutchfield:

A talented woodworker and friend of Emily Collins

who lives in Devonshire.

James & Lionel:

Animal trainers in Hopkins circus.

John Parks:  

The lion tamer in the Hopkins circus.


The bearded lady in the Hopkins circus.

Walt Robbins:

A new roustabout in the Hopkins circus, being trained

by Reggie Watkins.

Thelma Smith:

Owner of Books on The Square bookshop — independent,

learned, bright and extremely attractive.

Dr. Franklin Morgan:

Haxford’s town doctor.

Isabelle Morgan:

Dr. Morgan’s wife.

Faustin Hardcastle:

Owner and editor of the Haxford Gazette evening newspaper.

Sky Bear:

A Native American tribal leader in the old American West.


Yellow Feather:

Sky Bear’s wife.


Sky Bear and Yellow Feather’s youngest daughter.



Sky Bear and Yellow Feather’s eldest daughter.


Dr. James Adams:

The doctor in a town in the old American West.


Eve Adams:

Dr. Adam’s wife.


Samuel Lewiston:

A rancher in a town in the old American West.


John Borlan:

A rancher in a town in the old American West.


Will Farland:

A rancher in a town in the old American West.


Robert Masterford:

A United States government official who is

transferred to England; Dr. Adams is his physician.


Samuel Gray: 

A recently deceased farmer who died in an accident.


Florence Gray:

The widow of Samuel Gray.


Martin Chames:

A farmer from Tottingham who relocated to Haxford.


Charles Emerlin:

Owner and chef of the Cork and Plate restaurant in

London who moved to Haxford to become the Morgans’ cook.



The Morgans’ manservant.

Joseph Nava:

The Morgans’ driver who formerly he sold farm machinery to Chames in Tottingham.

Katy Alby:

Martin Chames’ niece and the housekeeper for the Morgans’.


George Barlan:

Haxford’s butcher and a farm owner.


Angus Riley:

Haxford’s blacksmith and animal healer.